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General Information/Voice Mail
Kerry Klug: 989-312-1312

Event Coordinator
Tell us about your event or happening during Ogemaw Hills Bike Week.
Kerry Klug: 989-312-1312

Non-Food Vendor Info/Voice Mail
Jan Weiler: 989-312-1244

Food Vendor Info/Voice Mail
Jan Weiler: 989-312-1244

General Racing
Kerry Klug: 989-312-1312

Vintage Bike Show
Kerry Klug: 989-312-1312

Jackpine Enduro Alumni Banquet
Kerry Klug: 989-312-1312

Volunteer/Sponsorship Opportunities
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Early Camping and Registration
Contact the Ogemaw County Fairgrounds

Chelsey Clemens: 989-312-0863

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