If you volunteer, you are expected to work a minimum of 8 hours (2-4 hour shifts). You need to report to the front gate 15 minutes prior to your shift and you must remain at your post until relieved of your responsibilities by another volunteer or the Staff Volunteer Coordinator. Absolutely NO children will be allowed on the property, volunteer or not we can NOT have kids there. If you show up with a child under 18 you will not be volunteering that day! Please do not allow your friends in for free or let people under the age of 18 into the rally.

Become a volunteer

Ogemaw Hills Bike Week is a 100%, not-for-profit, all-volunteer event. Many volunteers work all year preparing for the event, giving up their rides to host our visitors. Without each and every volunteer, no matter how much time any one person was able to contribute, there would be no Bike Week.

The Ogemaw Hills Bike Week Board would like to take a minute and personally thank all of the volunteers and friends that we have made over the years. Without you we wouldn’t be able to have such a wonderful rally.

Thank you in advance for a successful event this year!

Do YOU want to meet people and have fun? Do you want to be a part of this extraordinary event? Then sign up now to volunteer for Ogemaw Hills Bike Week! We really need help with clean up. . . please consider this day too!

We are constantly looking for enthusiastic individuals to volunteer during the event! It’s a ton of fun! Making new friends is always a good time!

Volunteers are needed for a variety of areas. Please indicate the day or area that you wish to volunteer.

Please sign up by June 1st. Don’t forget to include your email address (if available) and your phone number.

Remember, Ogemaw Hills Bike Week is 100% volunteer driven! We can’t have the Rally without volunteers!